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P.A.N.D.A. <3


Heheh I watched Kung Fu Panda yesterday with my bro...ROFL honestly I've actually been looking forward to this movie for quite some time. And I LOVED it!!! Super funny!!~~

I like it how this really FAT panda who has a father who's a duck, can learn to believe in himself and have others believe in him to become a kung fu master! ..also...that his master has to use food in order to train him XD

The variety of voice talents is good too! ^^  But kinda sad because they had Jackie Chan to voice the Monkey but he only had one or two lines in the whole movie >.<

Other than that, I just have one more day left till school opens again. We're supposed to have Head Prefect elections once school opens. It's hard for me cuz all three candidates are my close friends and are all in my class....(that's biased tho...they should have three different candidates from different classes...) Also, I have a Chemistry and Biology project left that I haven't done yet which I actually promised myself to finish b4 Friday >_<....*sigh* disappointing indeed.

On the up-side of things, ORANGE RANGE's new album will be coming out soon! It's supposed to be titled "Panic Fancy" lol nice name right? ....I MUST find a way of convincing my parents to get me another bday present >.>

Holiday Package my foot!! >


OMG I actually forgot that I had a livejournal!! XD

Well...yeah, my computer blew up a few weeks ago..thank god that was in the middle of my mid term exams if not I would've been really pissed. So uh...yeah just got it fixed ^^ I really missed my comfy computer chair and my desktop with my evil army of stuffed toys(which I named all of them after OR members =3).

So now I'm back here to ramble on about the ups and downs in my life lately.

Mid Terms and HolidaysCollapse )
Oooh....and now that I'm on holiday! My stupid retarded school gave every student a so-called "Holiday Package"....which actually means a package full of assignments and homework we have to finish and hand in after the holidays. And there's an assignment for every single subject!! O.O!? Stupid sadistic witches >.>##

Oh well I'm balancing my time between enjoying the holidays and doing assignments. I went to the zoo a few days back. But I'll leave that for another post since I'm tired now. Till then cyaZ! ^_^



Lol, long time since I posted anything here huh?

Well so far the week's been kind of...well...weird to me. First of all...my pet turtle died a few days ago...T.T...feeling kind of down about it since that was my first pet I ever had! Got that turtle when I was six and it's been with me for 10 years now!! T.T

I have another turtle...but it's so sad whenever I peer into that tank of his and only see that one lonely turtle in there missing his wife turtle >.<...I've been dreaming of lizards a lot lately...and I HATE LIZARDS!! >.< I didn't go to school today because of that!! Yes, it's a silly reason...but for some reason something in the back of my head told me not to go today...wonder why...

I seriously need to come early tomorrow though...my class has to do a choral speaking presentation for the opening of language week in my school. And I THINK I'm supposed to recite a malay poem too...not too sure if that was for a competition or another opening performance...the teacher just grabbed me and told me I had to do it.....I'm seriously not prepared for that!! D:

...and I think I left my Add Maths textbook under my desk yesterday cuz I can't find it here....oh CRAP if any teacher finds out they're gonna take my book away!!! (it's a borrowed book from the school) ....NOOOO DON'T TAKE MY BOOOOOOOOOK!!!

I can finally laugh again!

Yaay~~ I'm feeling much better today!

In school today I settled things with that friend of mine I mentioned in my earlier post. To sum it all up, we've finally made peace lol. I just told her not to include me for any outings...obviously it always causes problems among us whenever we plan stuff.

On another note, I watched ORANGE RANGE on music station today! ^.^ Watched it TWICE today actually lol. Aah nothing like a little dose of OR to cheer me up! ^^ A nice ending to the HORRIBLE series of weekdays for me. Luckily the weekend's here again. Agreed to go with some other friends to go try our luck in grabbing tickets for the L movie (YES I HAVEN'T GIVEN UP ON WATCHING IT! XD).

Hopefully things will look brighter soon...I'm supposed to be receiving a certificate on Monday for the miserable 5As I got in the PMR exam last year...tch, the headmistress promised us CASH PRIZES...WTH!? >.<

K then that's it for now, I need to get some sleep and get up early to fight for tickets! XD

Oh, shut the @#%$ up!!

Yup, yet another angry day. Sorry if I appear to be ranting or whining too much or anything. But seriously it's too much!! Well, like I said before, my friends wanted to go watch the L movie on thursday. Sadly, my parents don't allow me to go out on weekdays. Yeah, and what do we have here? My friends(well actually it's just this one particular friend) that insists on me booking the tickets anyway.

So just to shut her up, I did book it for them.

And yeah today i get this text msg on my phone. I didn't come to school for the past two days both because of sickness...and miserableness. So this is what the text msg says

"U want to know something interesting? When ppl say they can't go becoz it's the weekday it's coz they need to go to school or they need to finish their work. Neither seems to apply to u." 

Ergh! Geez how would U KNOW!? How would you know what applies to me huh? Oh just F*Ck off and DIE already! It's my buisiness if I come to school or not and if I can go on weekdays or not so you have no right in saying anything! And YEAH I even bothered to book those bloody tickets for you bitches!! At least a little THANK YOU is nice enough you bloody skank!!

And yeah saying that I'm an f*cking bitch on your msn personal message is daaaaamn mature. Congrats to you. I hope you die a very very painful death some day.

T.T I'm a loser!!!!

Damn...man I really don't know what to say right now. Well...that new Death Note movie, L Change The World is supposed to be released on Apr 3rd.


And Animax had a contest out. I decided what the heck and just went and entered knowing I wouldn't stand a chance in winning anyway. The prize was supposed to be a pair of tickets to the preview screening.

Uh huh...

Then, I happen to check my email..inbox...no new messages. K, fine I didn't win the contest then.

Suddenly TODAY. I opened up my email again, and noticed i had two emails in my junkbox. So I opened it to empty the emails out....and yeah I suddenly see this big email title..."L Change The World Contest: CONGRATULATIONS!"


I opened it....AND YEAH I WON!! But wait, what date issit today? 31st March....WHAT DATE WAS THE PREVIEW SCREENING!? 29th March!!!!!!!! F*CK HOTMAIL! Those stupid buggers dumped my winning email in the junkbox! I and received a confirmation email a few days after i entered the contest from the SAME email address and that went to my inbox.

So tell me...


Man I got so upset...it was a lucky draw...and...and...I hardly win anything...the only time I ever won anything..........and I never ever got to claim my prize!!! I felt like crying my eyeballs out!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Screw hotmail! Really really, I won!! And I didn't even get my bloody prize!? ;(

A few of my friends wanted to go watch it when it opens on Thursday after school......and after this whole fiasco my parents won't even let me go cuz it's a weekday!? GAAAAAAAH! >.<###

The only thing that cheered me up today was watching those special OR vids, the OR CM, and hearing Katchan's voice on radio....thank you OR! thank you Katchan!! You guys have always been there to cheer me up!! <3

La la la~~

Okie dokie, here I am with yet another blog!

lol, seriously so far I've been keeping track of..hmm...around 5 blogs maybe? Meh, I don't care I'm totally addicted to blogging now! So the more, the merrier I guess. XD

So hmm...I should introduce myself right? Well i'm orenji_juice08, call me Ais or Ai or OJ or orenji....or whatever! :p I won't be turning 16 till...July! Man I can't wait, I wanna start taking driving lessons!! o^.^o

I'm obsessed over, blogging,ORANGE RANGE,drawing,writing,ORANGE RANGE,KCB,Katchan,chatting,ORANGE RANGE,Katchan,anime,Katchan...hmm wat else? Oh yeah! ORANGE RANGE! XP

Oh well that's all i can do for this short post. I'll try post something else up later on...till then, cya ^^